How to Spot Antique Fakes and Forgeries

Moving house often leads to refurnishing the new home. Getting new furniture in the new home means browsing many stores, and sometimes flea markets if you want to buy second hand furniture. And if you are a person with taste, you may want to get some antiques for after the relocation – that way you both work eco-friendly, and you help the old peddlers make a living. But then comes the question, “Which are the antiques?” Many people will try to sell furniture as antiques to make more money and you need to learn to spot the fakes before buying furniture. Here are some ways to do that:
#1 – Ask the merchant
No, not because of the answer, but because of how it’s presented. If the merchant is vague and uninformative, then they are trying to pull one off. Never trust a merchant who does not know where their stock comes from.
#2 – Does it look old?
By definition, an antique has to be at least 100 years old. If the object you are analysing looks like it was made yesterday, maybe you are not looking at the right place. Restoration may have erased some signs of age, but it cannot erase them all.
#3 – Signs of restoration
Antiques usually require restoration. If you are versed in the process, you could look for signs of that restoration. Even a single one will be evidence enough that you are looking at an antique, even if the merchant has no idea.
#4 – Signature
As a general rule, creators of art like to sign their creations. One way to look for an antique is to look for the maker’s signature or identification mark. If you are looking at a painting, make no mistake, there is definitely one. And if there is none, then the merchant did not do a good job faking it. If you are happy with the answers you hear and signs you see, you can hire a removal van and start loading. Refurnishing your home is not difficult, finding true antiques among fakes is the harder part. But after you do, you will feel some sense of pride and enjoy having a classical and vintage feeling in the new place. The relocation is finally paying off!

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