Guide to getting rid of old furniture

Furniture is one thing that people keep for long in their house until you want to move house and its crystal clear it is old and garbage. At such point, the easiest thing to do is chuck it off. However, by doing so, you add more waste into the landfills which are environmentally unfriendly. If you are tired of your furniture and need to spice up your house or on the move to a better home, here is some advice on how to do furniture junk removal. You can thank me later. Donate the furniture to charity. You might have worked a lot to buy the furniture but donating it show your love to the less fortunate plus it feels good to give. However not that donating is not dumping. We dump things that are not reusable. .Before giving ensure the furniture is presentable. If torn you can have it repaired before dropping it off. Such donated items are great to help to victims of natural disasters, fires and other tragedies. Donating to a theatre Donating furniture to a local theatre is another brilliant way for junk removal. High schools, colleges or even the local theatre will be grateful for the donation.At the same time, you will be encouraging art and ensuring no ugly landfills crop up in the neighbourhood. You might get yourself some free tickets as a result. Sell the furniture online Several online selling platforms will get your old furniture out of sight and bring some in some cash. Freecycle is one such organisation helping in the distribution of goods. Other sites include Craigslist and eBay. Whichever one you choose you will have peace of mind as an environmental sensitive person. Refurbish the old furniture If your financial position does not allow you to get new furniture, how about having the furniture stripped and redone. Add some new fabrics, cushions, knobs and paint and the furniture will become almost new. Such junk removal will save you money and energy of moving new furniture up the stairs, if you live in live above the ground floor. Getting rid of furniture by repurposing it A couch might not look okay in a living room, but if you place it on the backyards and watch the sunset from it, it becomes great. Any furniture can be repurposed, and the ideas are limitless. Your son could love the idea of having one chair placed in his bedroom with your daughter adoring you for having the framed mirror in her bedroom. Restore and sell it. Some people the idea to make a living. They buy old furniture from online stores, restore and later sell them at a higher price. Instead of tossing your furniture you can do the same and get better cash in the process. By doing any of the above junk removal processes, you will be helping the global community in keeping the environment safe for current and future generations.

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