Cleaning Upholstery the Environmentally-Friendly Way

When doing furniture cleaning, you might wonder what to use. Your typical cleaning supplies and cleaning agents are the obvious choice, but that means bringing chemicals to the places where you spend a lot of time sitting and napping. It is a much better idea to use an environmentally-friendly method which will get the upholstery clean with little effort, but with healthy results. If you are unaware of such approaches, you are in luck. Read below to learn some interesting ways to do green upholstery cleaning:
Vinegar + Water
This all-purpose home cleaner is universally good for everything. It cleanses most stains and deals with most types of upholstery. There are gentler leather upholsteries that get damaged from the vinegar’s acid, though, so you would do well to test it in a small area first.
Shampoo + Water
This stain remover is among the better ways to clean your sofa. It takes a little scrubbing, making foam, little more scrubbing, and most stains should be gone. It is also a good way to do maintenance and save yourself the need of more sofa cleaning.
Dish Soap + Hydrogen Peroxide
Add some water and dish soap to a sponge, rub on any problematic spot, add hydrogen peroxide and scrub some more. The results should be immediate, and it also does disinfecting and odour control. A very useful method.
Baking Soda Paste
Mix one part water with two parts baking soda and you will get a nice paste substance. Rub it over any stain and you will get a nice little solution to a lot of problems. Just make sure no grains are left, because baking soda can be abrasive to the sofa.
Steam Cleaning
This is the preferred method for cleaning companies, and it immediately shows why. It takes a little effort, it uses only water and steam to be completely organic, and it thoroughly cleanses any upholstery. It does use energy, but it takes less than you’d expect, so it’s cost-effective. Use any of these methods and you will have no problem doing your upholstery cleaning in an eco-friendly way. It is almost too easy and it takes just a bit of effort. The end result will be clean and healthy furniture where you can spend as much time as you want on without worrying about hygiene or germs.

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